If a time comes when you are unable to make crucial decisions for yourself, you need someone you can trust and who is prepared to make those decisions on your behalf. Only by planning ahead can you appoint the person of your choosing to make those decisions. That person will know without any doubt what your personal preferences are.

Guardianship is a relationship in which a court-appointed person or agency has the power to make decisions for an incapacitated person (the ward), because the ward is legally unable to make those decisions. If your loved one needs a guardian and has not previously designated one, the court will appoint one, either from your family or a chosen professional organization.

You can express your wishes and designate a guardian in advance, while also stating who you don't want to be your guardian, and your preferences regarding the decisions to be made.

We can assist you with:

  • Guardianship of minor children

  • Guardianship of elderly persons

  • Guardianship of the developmentally disabled or incapacitated

  • Living wills

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