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Homeowner Solutions

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The Homeowner Assistance Division (HAD)

Our firm is unique in that we have a separate division, the Homeowner Assistance Division (HAD), that is solely dedicated to mortgage and real estate legal issues and solutions. The division combines a team of real estate attorneys with a team of mortgage research and communication staff. This unique group allows HAD to concentrate on both real estate law and lender guidelines and policy. HAD is led by Paul D. Baltrun, an experienced loss mitigation professional with 27 years of mortgage and real estate experience.

Foreclosure Defense

When a bank, HOA or other institution files a foreclosure against a homeowner, our team of foreclosure attorneys help by understanding the complex foreclosure laws and the foreclosure process. We will slow, or in limited cases, stop the foreclosure proceedings. Our goal is to do everything in our power to save your most valuable possession and find a permanent solution.


Bankruptcy can provide solutions such as saving a home from foreclosure, reducing or eliminating debt, protection from creditors, and providing a fresh start. Krasker Law has a fully functional bankruptcy department waiting to help.

Loan Modification as part of Foreclosure Defense for Florida

In a foreclosure case, a loan modification can be an excellent way to provide a fresh start. A modification will bring the loan current and sometimes provide a lower, more affordable payment.

Short Sale

A short sale occurs when the homeowner sells the home to a third party buyer when the homeowner owes more than what the property is worth. Krasker Law has an entire division dedicated to this service.

Deed in Lieu

Although not extremely common, a Deed in Lieu can provide a foreclosure solution in the right circumstance.

New Mortgage Qualification

We can help set up a strategy to qualify for the purchase of a home in the future. A plan is designed to help clients meet all aspects of mortgage qualifications so that ownership is a possibility again. Some criteria that we review are credit rating, down payment, debt to income levels and real estate market analysis.

We are also able to introduce clients to several alternative financing sources, often referred to as “hard money” lenders. The rates may not be as attractive as government backed loans, but can be very helpful in restoring credit and refinancing a non-owner occupied property.

Debt Assistance Strategies

Credit Card and Unsecured Debt Negotiation

In lieu of filing bankruptcy, we can help negotiate credit card and other unsecured debt. Our Debt Settlement Team has negotiated thousands of accounts and have the knowledge to obtain very favorable results.

Deficiency Judgment Negotiation

In the event a foreclosure, and a deficiency judgment is entered against you, the lender has the right to pursue collection efforts against the remainder of your assets. If you are being sued by a lender from an old loan, let us help!

IRS Tax Negotiation

We can help negotiate a reduced payoff (“Offer and Compromise”) or negotiate an approved payment plan on IRS tax liens.

Credit Restoration

We can outline a strategy to improve your credit score and teach you how to keep negative marks off for the future. We have a system to improve your credit scores, and our personal touch ensures the program fits your needs and is within your budget.


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  • I want to thank you and your law firm for everything you have done for me. I was ready to give up after the scam I found myself in before I found this firm. I thank GOD for Michelle’s help. Thanks to you and your firm I was able to get the modification I needed.

    Yvonne W.

  • Thank you Mali for your professionalism and courtesy as you assisted me with my difficult situation. Everyone was very pleasant and respectful whom I had contact with.


  • Thank you very much for your assistance. I would have definitely lost my home if not for your firm's efforts. I should be in a position to resume payments by November.

    Chris C.

  • You have allowed my mother, Helen, to continue to live an independent life in her own home at the age of 92! What a relief!

    Rhonda M., daughter to Helen

  • As far as I am concerned this has been a life saver for me. It lowered my mortgage payment by over $150 a month. That money I saved has increased my ability to help a family member who is struggling, for that I will forever be grateful for this program.

    Marcy B.


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How Can We Help?

Fill out our form today to speak to an attorney about any legal issues you may be experiencing, and we'll pair you with an attorney who specializes in that field.
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