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Debt Settlement and Negotiation

Debt settlement involves negotiations with a person’s creditor and is most commonly used by someone who is past due on their bills. During debt settlement, the goal is to come up with a mutually agreed upon settlement amount. This process can actually present advantages for the person in debt and the creditor because the creditor gets paid and avoids having to pay legal fees to collect debt. Also, the creditor is willing to accept a settlement instead of the customer filing bankruptcy and them receiving nothing. The person in debt may actually save money by settling his or her debt for less than the balance originally owed. Once the debt is paid, the person can start the process of restoring and building credit.

We start by assessing the client’s current financial health and draft a strategy to address the unpaid unsecured debts. Then, we decide on a settlement plan that works for the income level. If the client qualifies, we have relationships with “back end” negotiators who, in most instances, are able to obtain very positive results: interest and penalties are waived, part of the principal is reduced and payments are extended to very manageable terms.

Short Sale

Our short sale division, Short Sale Innovations, will negotiate with the lender to reduce the mortgage balance below its current balance to allow for a sale of the property. Another important benefit of our service is that we will attempt to reduce or eliminate the loan deficiency. This allows a new buyer to purchase the property at fair market value and may or may not allow the seller to walk from any further liability under the loan.

Our short sale negotiators have extensive knowledge of the options available with all major lenders. Short Sale Innovations has successfully negotiated hundreds of short sales over the last 10 years.

Deficiency Judgment Negotiation

When a lender files a lawsuit to pursue a past balanced owed, we can help navigate the enforcement proceedings and/or settle the proceedings on favorable payment terms. Our attorneys and staff can help navigate your case through the legal channels to try to resolve. We will also review your situation to determine if wages are exempt from creditor attempts of garnishment and if certain assets are exempt from levy.

RS Tax Negotiation

Our IRS team can help with both the legal case and balance owed. We help negotiate a reduced payoff (“Offer and Compromise”) or negotiate an approved payment plan on IRS tax liens.


  • I want to thank you and your law firm for everything you have done for me. I was ready to give up after the scam I found myself in before I found this firm. I thank GOD for Michelle’s help. Thanks to you and your firm I was able to get the modification I needed.

    Yvonne W.

  • Thank you Mali for your professionalism and courtesy as you assisted me with my difficult situation. Everyone was very pleasant and respectful whom I had contact with.


  • Thank you very much for your assistance. I would have definitely lost my home if not for your firm's efforts. I should be in a position to resume payments by November.

    Chris C.

  • You have allowed my mother, Helen, to continue to live an independent life in her own home at the age of 92! What a relief!

    Rhonda M., daughter to Helen

  • As far as I am concerned this has been a life saver for me. It lowered my mortgage payment by over $150 a month. That money I saved has increased my ability to help a family member who is struggling, for that I will forever be grateful for this program.

    Marcy B.

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How Can We Help?

Fill out our form today to speak to an attorney about any legal issues you may be experiencing, and we'll pair you with an attorney who specializes in that field.
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